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Any cancellation of the contracted services will be subject to the penalty for each passenger and additionally to the penalties imposed by each hotel and airline service provider, which can often be 100 percent and an administrative penalty for calls and man hours for meet these changes, the amount will vary as the case may be.

In most cases, as they are preferential rates, they are not subject to refunds and do not allow changes.

If the passenger does not travel (does not show up at the airport) or cancels his trip, there may be a partial refund less administrative expenses or be affected by the total loss of value, depending on the regulations of the airlines, Hotels, operators and providers in general.

If the passenger modifies his trip, he will have a penalty plus difference in fare and administrative expenses or the impossibility of it with total loss of value, depending on the regulations of airlines, hotels, operators and suppliers in general, everything is subject to the availability and rate.

The cancellation or modification must be reported in writing in Lima to be able to transmit them immediately to the airline, hotel, wholesaler or operator, without responsibility for our company, since each supplier has its regulations and is subject to availability and rate.

In most hotels, cancellations or modifications must be notified in advance no less than 10 days, and cannot guarantee and without responsibility for our company.

Also in some cases, airlines, operators, hotels and suppliers in general, impose sanctions for lack of integration of the group: ex. If the rate is based on a group minimum, the rate increases for each passenger until the group value is completed.

Our company will formulate the queries and the rates imposed by airlines, hotels, operators, wholesaler and suppliers in general must be covered to record the changes plus the corresponding administrative expenses.

Refunds are made after the airlines, hotels, operators, wholesaler and suppliers in general send the corresponding refund to our agency.

Programs on special dates Easter, National Holidays, New Years, long holidays, blockades and others such as special offers, etc., will be reserved prior to prepayment described in each of the program's quotes as non-refundable. These programs in the event of cancellation of a trip contracted and paid in full or the passenger's no-show (No show) are 100 percent non-refundable of the total value of the program.

Reservations made prior prepayment as non-refundable. In case of denial of passenger visas with reservations to Europe, a charge will be applied for administrative and operational procedures. Passport presentation is required with visa denial.

Any request for refunds or claims must be sent in writing to our offices within a maximum of 5 days after the termination of the service.


Companies with which we work and they are also our best guarantee